What to expect

City dynamics mapAre you interested in world cities and keen on following them in their development? Then follow me in my tracks. All cities are presented by a short reading and a matching movie.

From the moment I left my home country The Netherlands I travel from city to city to create urban profiles that reflect my personal interests. This is about dynamic cities and their function. Not only it implies providing quick facts and general insights about a city. Also, I endeavour to present in-depth information that touches geographical, political, cultural and historical elements.

This is about dynamic cities and their function.

The first city is Moscow, which was the starting point of the Trans-Mongolian Express. This train ride took me through three countries, seven time zones and many adventures later to the continent of Asia. For more visual background see these panoramas.

In the past I had the privilege to visit many other cities around the world. Every new city has its own fascinating aspects that in time contribute to my understanding of past developments, present workings, and future ambitions. So far the most inspiring world cities are Dubai, Atlanta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Surabaya. In total I visited over 100 cities, spread over 31 countries in four continents. May many follow.

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